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A 30% Non-Refundable Deposit is required for all FIRST TIME PERMANENT MAKEUP CLIENTS &  all RETURNING CLIENTS within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation email.

A 20% Non-Refundable Deposit is required for all BROW LAMINATION & TINT CLIENTS within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation email.

Deposits will be deducted from your end $ total the day of your appointment. All appointments will be FULLY secured only after Deposit is received & the appointment is Reviewed and Confirmed.

If Deposit is not received, your appointment(s) may be cancelled without notice.

Credit Card info is NOT USED for deposits. All clients are required to input Credit Card information to confirm their appointment into the secure booking system; this is to avoid No-Show & No-notice reschedule/cancellation clients. Failure to do so will result in your appointment being cancelled without notice. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Depending on the procedure, some things will differ and vary per service.

Client will have the chance to go over all paperwork which will educate and inform them of essential information during and after their procedure.

Discussion regarding end “goals” of their procedure.

Artist will map out, pre-draw, design & create a shape that will suit best with the clients facial symmetry, facial harmony and overall face shape. Once shape is confirmed, client will be pre-numbed for approx. 20 minutes.

Procedure will begin and can take anywhere from 1 (hr min) -3 (hrs max).

Once the procedure is complete, client will pre-book 6-8 week touch up and will be sent home with aftercare instructions that are essential for proper healing.


Some residual swelling and irritated skin around the treated area is normal.
The treated area may appear uneven, dry, itchy, tender, red, irritated & dark in colour. These symptoms will dissipate each day. Symptoms vary on an individual basis.

The pigment in the treatment area will be darkest during healing (especially days 1-5).

Flaking dry skin, potential scabbing is normal and will naturally fall off.

Picking, scratching or rubbing the treated area can cause scarring or loss of pigment retention.

Pigment rejection is normal.

Healing is specific to each individual client. It is recommended that you may need a touch up between 1-5 year(s) to maintain the fresh appearance of your chosen service. This will differ based on your skin type, lifestyle and aftercare.

We do not have control over the clients natural healing and retention process. You may need to apply small amounts of powder, colour or pencil even after healed results.

During & after healing, pigment will shrink, fade & soften between 40-60%.

If you have ANY unexpected problems that are concerning you regarding your procedure, please contact us immediately for further instruction.

If there is alarming concerns regarding the following signs and symptoms:
Continued vibrant redness or swelling in the treated area, dermatitis, skin rashes, elevated body temperature, fever or grey, green, yellow discharge with or without odour, contact a physician immediately.


All people experience pain on different levels individually. Those who have a low pain tolerance, the pain levels range from a 3-5/10 but it doesn’t last the entire time. Those who have a high pain tolerance, the pain levels range from a 0-1/10. Some don’t experience pain at all. We do our best to keep you as comfortable as possible during all procedures. Anytime you’re feeling irritation, we can happily re-numb you to reduce or eliminate any discomfort.


Moody Brows accepts Cash, E-transfer, debit, and Credit Payments.


Please note that we do not recommend any form of permanent make up if you fit the below contraindications:

Pregnant or Breast Feeding
Autoimmune disease
Blood disorders
Diabetic (consult your MD)
Currently on Accutane (must be 1 year post)
Currently going through Chemotherapy
Heart or Blood Cancer/Disease and/or any major heart problems
Viral infections or Diseases
Organ failure or transplants
Any form of illness/common cold/flu, etc.
Constant skin infections and/or irritations (near or in the procedural area):
i.e: Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Rosacea, Blisters, Eczema, problematic Acne, etc
Moles or Skin tags (in the procedural area)
Immune deficiencies
Iron deficiencies

If you would like to consult your physician regarding the above contraindications, please feel free to do so; however, we do have the right to refuse service should we feel uncomfortable or if we feel we cannot perform or retain our best work to provide you with the best result!

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